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After Wentworth the focus switches to Sweden and some ranking points

Wentworth is a big week, it's the flagship event of the European Tour and probably also the real start of the golfing season in Europe. All the coaches, managers, sponsors and media gather at this event so it's unusually busy and feels quite claustrophobic.  I arrived on Sunday night but picked Bev and Erin up from Heathrow on Monday at lunchtime.  We got into our apartment at about 1, everything takes a long time sitting in traffic in the south east of England, but the weather was great 26⁰.  It was lovely, we thought it would last but Tour was in town so it didn't.
I try to play a practice round late on Tuesday afternoon this week as the course is so busy it can easily be 6 hours earlier in the day.  I played by myself and finished up at 7pm.  I joined Jonas Blixt, who was runner up in the Masters, for 17 and 18.  He's a very down to earth and nice guy.  I saw Shane for Physio earlier in the day and worked with Johnny Foster on the range at our usual basics.   It's a constant battle to stay on top of this game. We worked on the mental side of the game, and tried to address one particular issue I have.  I react badly to poor shots, there's a lot of head shaking and negative body language.  I find it hard to react less but that's the goal.
Because of the mad circus at Wentworth on Wednesday for the celebrity pro-am, I decided to go down to Walton Heath to play a practice round for the US Open qualifier.  The qualifier is always held the Monday after Wentworth.  It was a very relaxing day and was very constructive.  I was trying the normal pro v 1 ball, which flies lower than the x.  I think its good choice for windy weeks and probably European conditions in general.   Johnny confirmed I was swinging good and got me fading a few tee shots. There are 36 holes, I just played 18 and walked a few others.  The yardage book will be covering most of the homework.  Gerry and I went to Wentworth to practice short game before my Physio.  Then it was home at 6pm before my 740am tee time Thursday.  We had a chicken curry along with Bev's mum Audrey.  Audrey had flown over to look after Erin so we could go to the Players Awards Dinner the night before, but I forgot and practised late so we didn't get to go, she just planned on watching some of the golf instead.
It was weird, I woke up with a sore stomach needing the toilet on Thursday and for me very unusually I couldn't eat anything for most of the day.  I thought this might not have been a bad thing as I was very relaxed the whole round not too intense, but I just lost concentration towards the end.  A lazy swing on 15 with a three putt ending in a double bogey and a 3 putt for par on 18 after 2 lovely shots in deflated me even though I signed for 1 under.   It was a decent start but I just wanted bed.  I played with Pablo Lazzarabal, a great competitor and a phenomenal short game and Rob Rock who is struggling on the greens at the moment, mostly in reading them,  he has tried the aim point method which I think is pretty technical.  The course was easier this year, the greens were a lot better with the decent spring they have had so there are more birdie chances.
I went to bed and woke up a bit weak; I managed to get some food in me and went back to bed again for 11 hours, lots of fun!  I just couldn't believe the timing on Wednesday night of such an important event but such is life and you have to deal with it the best you can. 
It was really cold on Friday and I just wasn't sharp mentally which is what this game is all about.  Smooth swings on the 6th and a 7 iron on the 7th to 8feet  gave me a birdie but the next 3 wood on 8th was very legsy and right, this is my tendency to not keep my legs in the ground long enough, they outrace my arms. I did the same on 9, 10 and 12 and lost all momentum; I battled well on the way in but missed the cutt by one.  I honestly thought I'd do a lot better this year, I put it down to bad luck with the food but it doesn't soften the blow. It was a chance to get world ranking points and lots of cash. 
Pablo grinded very well and Rocky got lucky on 18, he pulled his 2nd shot so far left it was left of the water and he got up and down for birdie, I showed him the line putting just before him which he thanked me for, he made it on the mark.
I spent Saturday resting, I didn't leave the house apart from a trip to Windsor to get coffee and feed the swans which Erin liked, trying to put the week behind me and focus on preparing for Sweden.  It's a new course in Sweden and I want to focus on Europe this year so I withdrew from the US Open qualifier.  It's 36 on Monday at Walton Heath, 105 guys and 14 spots plus if I did make it the event is the week before the Irish Open.  It's a lot of travel so not ideal.  Someday soon I will qualify by right. 

I was glued to the golf on Sunday, I was convinced Bjorn was gonna win easy, but he took on an aggressive fairway bunker on 6 it came back plugged and one poor shot lead to a triple bogey.   It's what I try and explain to people that a double or triple can just be one poor or wrong shot, only 1, that's how cruel the game is at this level.   Shane was good to watch, his rhythm is great in full flow, he's very natural not like some of the technical robot guys on tour, if you get a chance go watch Shane chipping and in the bunkers it's awesome, the strike is so sweet!   He did great down the last few and the putt on 18 was class, mentally what a good competitor, other guys would have been thinking too much about the half million euro cheque!
Rory sneaked up on the round, the chip in at 10 gave him momentum and putts on 12, 16 and 17 dropped. It's a very fine line and why we love golf.   In the best rounds you keep momentum or create it, one certain shot counts for a lot. It's his first win on European soil as a pro, not many people know that and it's good to see him back.  He's another very nice grounded guy and he is good for golf.  Ireland finishing 1and 2 was impressive, I doubt the Tour could have asked for a better story.   It was a tough week for him and I wish him all the best in the future both on and off the course.
It's was an early flight to Copenhagen and then we had a 1hr drive to our apartment on Monday morning, Tour goes on! It's gonna take a while charting the course, apparently its big and modern, just like where I was second earlier in year so it should suit me.  It's a strong field next week with Stenson and the Swedes having to play their national open.  Golf is very popular in Sweden so the crowds will be good.  Bev said she is going to supervise me so I don't run off with a tall blonde!  If the weathers good the girls wear very short skirts, so this week is a firm favourite for most lads on Tour!  Let's hope to grab some world ranking points this time round!